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You Mean Everything To Me (Ascendant Script Scene) by Cinemutt14
You Mean Everything To Me (Ascendant Script Scene)
Heyo guys so ths is an idea/dialogue from my script tht I made for da last part of the Divergent Series. Im still waiting for da agent to contact me, im sure it will b soon. Kay well ths scene is about Tris and and Four and their date in Milenium Park. Theyre looking out at the night skyline of da city and heres da dialogue they say.

Four: I dont want this moment to end.
Tris: Me either.
Four: Tris, tell me something that means something.
Tris: You do. You mean everything to me.

So yea I hope u like tht. Again its from my script (da one I cant shut up about :XD: ) Sooo yea also I tried to make them look more like from da book like Four has dark blue eyes but I kinda did both versions, book and movie. Same with Tris, her eyes are blue but I added brown. Also sorry if u cant c it too well, da program I edited with drove me nuts. I tried to make it look dark and light at da same time. (Sigh) whateves I guess its okay..but I do have another drawing like ths one just lighter so I might submit tht one too. K enjoy guys. I hope u like it. I may do more drawings to go along with da script. Plz let me no wht yo think!! Kayyy bai. oh BTW I cant draw ppl as u can c. Or hands. Or ppl. So yea. Peace.
ASCENDANT FourTris Poster by Cinemutt14
ASCENDANT FourTris Poster
Ayo peeps! So I decided to do another Ascendant poster but like FOURTRIS! :heart: Heart Love Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] :heartemote:  So yea here u go. AGAIN I no it wont b in theaters but its still really fun to make. Enjoy guys. Hope u like it! I worked on it for 2 hours lol. fourtris foureverTard Boogie - now a plz FREE flying hearts Icon 
BOLT 2 videogame cover by Cinemutt14
BOLT 2 videogame cover
Hi peeps so here's da cover of wht Bolt 2 VIDEOGAME would look like! Yep its pretty cool. Its pretty cool! (Hahaha TOP reference wht up) |Twenty One Pilots Old Logo| (Twenty One Pilots) Tyler Icon (twenty One Pilots) Mfw I Listen To Heathens LOVE THEM SO MUCH THR MY LIFE AND BAEEEEEES!! dang tyler ehehehehe yep. (Twenty One Pilots) happy bday jish ANYWAYS enjoy lovely peeps. STAY ALIVE! |Twenty One Pilots Old Logo| Twenty One Pilots Icon  
Ascendant Poster like 4 one idk lol  by Cinemutt14
Ascendant Poster like 4 one idk lol
Hewo fwends! Haven't uploaded anything in like a week idk lol so here's another yes ANOTHER Ascendant poster..tho I no its gonna b on TV waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhPikachu Crying Plz :cheer up hug: Kiara cry Cry Simba Silent cry so yeah im upset. I like found tht out last week. also if u seen my journal post thn u no wht im talking bout.  Cant believe it. Anyways IF It WAS to b in theaters, ths is another poster I made. I think it looks SICK! Ahahaha so yea enjoy u bae peeples.Spam-in-a-Box: Byeee 
Daddy look!^^ by Cinemutt14
Daddy look!^^
Ay peeps. Heres Baby Rue found in a berry patch. Script of scene below.
(Berry and her dad saying bye to customers and walk together by berry patch)
Dad: Good work today Berry.
5 year old Berry: Thanks Daddy! (She says happily beaming up at him)
Dad: You really have what it takes sweetie. Everyone just loves you! No wonder business is so crazy these days.
Berry: Really? Ya think so? (She asks excitedly)(Dad smiles and nods at her)(PLAYFUL GROWLING)(Berry looks attentive and curious pulling berry bush revealing a border collie puppy)
Berry: (GASP)(She smiles at puppy and runs over to her dad jumping up and down)
Berry: Daddy! Daddy look! (She exclaims pointing at bush)
Dad: What is honey?
Berry: Puppy! (She says happily and squealing)(Puppy chews on strawberry toy and slowly looks up at Berry and Dad)
Berry: Hello (she says sweetly and gentle peting him)(Puppy pants happily and whimpers happily, not chewing toy anymore)(Berry picks up toy looking sly at it then puppy)
Berry: Where you get this? (She asks puppy)(Puppy smiles shyly and whines guilty)(Berry giggles)
Berry: Ya silly puppy! Here you can keep it (She gives toy back to puppy but puppy drops toy and tackles Berry by licking her face and jumping up on her lap)(Berry giggles/nuzzles his nose)
Dad: Berry sweetie, time to go home.
Berry: Daddy I want to take this puppy home.
Dad: Aw pumpkin, I dont know. We already had a cat who didnt handle it too well..
Berry: Plllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaase!? (She gives a adorable face giving pouty lip looking up at him)(Dad smiles and sighs)
Dad: Oh alright.
Berry:YAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!! (She picks up puppy hugging him and her hugs her back, whining happily)
Berry: Ya here that puppy? You got a home now! (Puppy yips excitedly smiling at Berry)
Dad:Okay Sweetiepie, lets start headin home.
Berry: okay Daddy. (Puppy wags tail furiously eyes on Berry)(Berry smiles winking at puppy)

Well I thought tht was cute. Wht u think? Its for a movie made..DK whts called yet...enjoy friends
Ay peeps whts up I just saw Jason Bourne yesterday for my dads bday cuz he luvs da series and I just recently got obsessed with it after wtching all of them. Matt Damon is awesome as Jason, hes da best :clap: so heres wht I thought about it. I loved da movie. It really gives a memory of all da other 3 movies and Matt looks exactly da same like its supposed to b like 10 years later and he looks like maybe a little older but its not like u really notice so yay tht was cool :3 Thr was A LOT of action and violence but hey wht do u expect. Thr was ths AWESOME like omg moment in Vegas SPOILER AHEAD (if u dont want spoilers dont continue reading..bai^^) So Jason is getting chased by Swat Truck and hes driving ths really sick car like im just like oooooh nice car Jason;) so he like idk wht to call it like it guess he bulldozed through like 100 cars and it was AWESOME!! Thr were so many epic scenes in da movie like wow. Heather Lee I really liked her, she was cool and very like obedient to da director of da CIA untiil da end but shes kinda questinable at da end so idk thr may b another movie but thts too early to know but again not sure. Ok as da only one (if u c da movie) who like almost CRYING whn Nicki got shot?!? I was just like seriously? Noooo:'( Yeah tht was not expected. But u do kinda learn some new things about Jason but its kinda like all of them in one movie but its kinda different and very enjoyable and awesome. So yea. Honestly I luv da series amazing, epic, and just cool B-) so heres my rating on da movie. So The Bourne Identity I gave 4 out of 5 stars cuz Greengrass da director of da rest of da series (other thn Bourne Legacy) didnt direct tht one. The Bourne Supremacy I give 5 out of 5 stars cuz it was very good and I liked how da camera ws right thr like u were part of it (tho sometimes it was too close XD) The Bourne Ultimatum I give 5 out of 5 too cuz I think tht was my fav one. The Bourne Legacy altho Greengrass didnt direct it I still really liked it esp tht Jeremy Renner is in it:) Hawkeye!!^^ I do wish he was in Jason Bourne but I understand why and he wouldnt really suit da plot but it just would have been cool to have like a cameo of his or something like even saying Aaron Cross or something like tht. Now. Jason Bourne. I really liked ths movie but I settled on giving da movie 4 out of 5 only cuz its kinda da same but still an amzing movie. Oh and it has da kickass awesome song Extreme Ways on da end like a new version but its soooooo good!! I sang along with my sis who loves da series we were singing da song since we no da words x3 anyways hope u enjoyed ths review. Bai guys.
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Hi talented artists:D im Jenna im 14 years old and I luvvvvv to draw and create my own characters (especially animals) hehe^-^ also I luv dogs its wht Im best at drawing. Oh yeah I also write scripts..:) I wanna b a movie director when I grow up. :) im happy to join another art site whr I can show my talent. I cant wait to start

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