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SS2 Poster with characters by Cinemutt14 SS2 Poster with characters :iconcinemutt14:Cinemutt14 0 0 SS2 Poster 2 by Cinemutt14 SS2 Poster 2 :iconcinemutt14:Cinemutt14 1 0 SS2 Movie playlist by Cinemutt14 SS2 Movie playlist :iconcinemutt14:Cinemutt14 0 0 Suicide Squad 2 movie poster by Cinemutt14 Suicide Squad 2 movie poster :iconcinemutt14:Cinemutt14 0 0 Hunch Bunch Berry Swirl Drink Cups by Cinemutt14 Hunch Bunch Berry Swirl Drink Cups :iconcinemutt14:Cinemutt14 0 0 Cutie puppy sketch by Cinemutt14 Cutie puppy sketch :iconcinemutt14:Cinemutt14 1 0 BECCA ASHELY ACRO bookmark thing by Cinemutt14 BECCA ASHELY ACRO bookmark thing :iconcinemutt14:Cinemutt14 0 0 Josh Acro Bookmark Thing by Cinemutt14 Josh Acro Bookmark Thing :iconcinemutt14:Cinemutt14 0 0 FRED ACRO bookmark thing by Cinemutt14 FRED ACRO bookmark thing :iconcinemutt14:Cinemutt14 0 0 Daphne Acro Bookmark by Cinemutt14 Daphne Acro Bookmark :iconcinemutt14:Cinemutt14 0 0 Savanna (TLK OC Character) by Cinemutt14 Savanna (TLK OC Character) :iconcinemutt14:Cinemutt14 1 0 Becca Ashely MLP Version by Cinemutt14 Becca Ashely MLP Version :iconcinemutt14:Cinemutt14 2 0 Wild Ones PAWS poster by Cinemutt14 Wild Ones PAWS poster :iconcinemutt14:Cinemutt14 2 0 HB Collage by Cinemutt14 HB Collage :iconcinemutt14:Cinemutt14 0 0 HB Collage BECCA ASHELY by Cinemutt14 HB Collage BECCA ASHELY :iconcinemutt14:Cinemutt14 0 0 HB Collage JOSH by Cinemutt14 HB Collage JOSH :iconcinemutt14:Cinemutt14 0 0




SS2 Poster with characters
YO whats up my peeps..I hope u like this SS2 Character poster i made. I'm quite proud with how it came out...tho Floyd (Will Smith) Looks a bit out of proportion in this poster XD but u can be the judge of that. I may change it later...I'll be doing more. Well ENJOY!!!

Characters include(for those who dunno who these ppl are XD)
LEFT TO RIGHT: Killer Frost, Death-stroke, Dead-shot, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang
SS2 Poster 2
How u guys going?? I apologise for not being on here...I've been crazy busy..omg. Anyways i hope u like this SS2 poster! Lemme no what yo ppls think! Byeee!
SS2 Movie playlist
Ello peeps! How r u going? I have been so so SO busy omg! I apologise for not uploading often..or at all...I been incredibly busy this past month, even this month! Well i been actually working on a script idea..just an idea lol for Suicide Squad 2 and have a whole list of songs that would play in the movie. Many r classic rock and i LUV rock esp metal lol I grew up w/ rock so i love it haha..anyway i hope u like it!! Byeeee
Suicide Squad 2 movie poster
Aaayyyyyeeee whats goin on my peeps? God, Im so bad at uploading..ugh!! So much has been going on. I started school 3 weeks ago, so I been busy with that, im actually working on a recycle project for an art class which is also for a contest!! Ill show u pix of it when its done! Also yesterday I got my wisdon teeth out so...yea. I been, taking tons and tons of pain meds...yep again, fun. Well anyways I hope u like this poster I made for SS2! I no the movies not coming for a while but I just decided to make a poster in my new sketchpad yay lol. Well ill do more. Im actualy making a ss2 script idea which is pretty good so far and I have a whole playlist of songs for ths movie as well! Ill do that soon, once I feel better. Well im just gonna chill here, recovering. Yep livin the life....well bai!!
Hunch Bunch Berry Swirl Drink Cups
Wazzzzup peeps? So this is something I can up w/ a while ago..this summer has busy and I mean busy. Also things r sorta going downhill now which sucks...ANYWAYS enough being debbie downer (lol) I made these supes cute Hunch Bunch drink cups for a drink that I legit made up called Hunch Bunch Berry Swirl which I even have the ingredients of whats in it and stuff;) so their kinda like souvenir cups or like not paper cups but a harder material and most likely to get them at a movie theater (whenever this movie gets made ahahaha) and u only get these if u ask for the "Hunch Bunch Berry Swirl Slush/Slushie" or drink or whatever. And depending how many they have, u can choose which character u want (God I wish this was real lol) so u can either choose from Fred, Shaggy, Daphne, Velma, Josh or Becca Ashely. SO which would u choose?;)^^

Now heres the mystery drink:
A mysterious blend of lemon lime and blue rasberry syrup covering mashed up ice (Slushie) with a smoother texture from coconut milk.
Who dares to try this mysterious beverage? Maybe u will solve the mystery, just dont get a brain freeze.

. 2-3 cups of ice...depends how big the slush maker is(may vary)
. A cup of lemon lime flavoured syrup
. A cup of blue rasberry flavoured syrup
. A half cup of coconut milk

How To Make:

You wanna make this berry intriguing swirl of mysterious clues? Heres how.
First, mash up 2-3 cups of ice in a slush maker (now make sure the ice isnt still hard, icy but not hard, more soft). Next, (if you want accurate amounts) add a cup of lemon lime flavoured syrup onto the shaved ice. Then, add a cup of blue rasberry flavoured syrup and mix both of them together to create a swirl like design. (Optional: add more syrup if you wish) Also, you may use as much syrup as you want but if you want an accurate measure then follow the recipe. After, pour your slush mixture into a blender and measure out a half cup of coconut milk for a smoother texture. After that, blend for about 40 sec or until blended enough. Lastly, pour your drink into a cup or glass (or a hunch bunch character cup if u have one haha), add another lemon lime swirl on top(optional) and enjoy!
Hey guys I'm not going well right now. I'm going through something really hard. I just lost my dog.💔😢..We put him down and it broke my heart. I miss him so much. I just wanted to let u guys no tht im not gunna b on da for a while (tho I haven't been on lately so I'm sorry for that) but not until I heal or begin to heal. I'm just feeling so much pain rn my heart literally hurts. 💔I dunno how to explain the feeling. Anyways I'll ttys. K peace. ✌ Bai guys.
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United States
Hi talented artists:D im Jenna im 14 years old and I luvvvvv to draw and create my own characters (especially animals) hehe^-^ also I luv dogs its wht Im best at drawing. Oh yeah I also write scripts..:) I wanna b a movie director when I grow up. :) im happy to join another art site whr I can show my talent. I cant wait to start


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